How to install revoked apps (works as of 9/4/21):

NOTE: This may or may not work for you.

You can also use Nullified to stop your apps from getting revoked.

NOTE: When rebooting the device, ensure that you have first enabled airplane mode, and then wait a few seconds. This is because Nullified does not re-connect instantly on startup, and your device may detect the revoke if Apple's servers are accessible during startup.

Step 1:

Install Nullified.

Step 2:

Download this file and save it to the iOS Files app.

Step 3:

Open Nullified, and + icon in the top middle.

Step 4:

Navigate the Files app, and select the file downloaded in Step 2. Then make sure that Nullified says "Status: Connected".

Step 5:

Go to Settings -> Safari, and select "Clear History and Website Data".

Step 6:

Download apps from!